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A Week of Firsts!

This week, Hailey and our family had a few first time experiences!

Jackson got to FaceTime with his new little sis for the first time! We couldn’t tell if he was more fascinated at seeing mom’s face on the screen, or by Hailey. Whenever I would put the camera on Hailey, Jackson would motion for her to “come here.” He also will say “baby” a lot more frequently. The other day I caught him in his room cradling his stuffed Minion toy and gently poking its eyes (we will work on that) saying “baby” over and over again. My mama heart almost exploded!

Jackson has also been getting what seems like all of his molars at once. In reality it’s probably only two or three, but the tantrums are real! Tantrums, not eating, not sleeping, it’s almost like he is trying to get us ready for newborn life again!

Mom and Dad had some fun firsts with Hailey as well! Up until this week, I have been very tentative about doing her cares (changing her diaper, taking her temperature, all that fun stuff) because I was afraid to hurt her. She is so tiny that I didn’t want to hurt her when I moved her little arms or legs. And the thought of me repositioning her was laughable. This week however, I finally got brave and have started doing her cares. She hates her diaper change, and is definitely not a fan of having her temperature taken either. It’s still scary, because I’m afraid I’m going to break this teeny tiny angel, but I think this is going to be one of those things I get more comfortable with as she gets bigger.

Hailey also got her first Bath this week! I didn’t get any pictures of that bath, because I passed out. So that was super fun! We were watching the nurse give her a sponge bath, which she hated. Her heart rate got up to over 200 because she was so mad and uncomfortable. And while all that was going on, vertigo hit me, along with a killer headache and shortness of breath. Jon and a nurse stopped me from falling over and got me in a chair. I drank some water and ate crackers, and after about 30 minutes I was feeling a bit better. Dinner and caffeine also seemed to help a lot.

When we had the opportunity a couple days later to give her another bath, we jumped on it. We went over Thursday night, and were able to change her, and bathe her. This time it went much more smoothly, and Hailey actually seemed to enjoy it! She especially liked having her hair washed. Jackson was the same way as a baby. Jon and I were able to hold her in our arms too! This wasn’t Jon’s first time, he held her during her first bath. But it was mine! I have done plenty of skin to skin, but I had never actually cradled her in my hands until Thursday.

Right now, since her health has been fairly stable, and she has been eating well, our goal is for her to reach two pounds! She is 2 oz short of two pounds. Currently she is on a feeding study to see if they can help her grow more consistently.

Hailey’s blood pH is still low. Any time it goes below 30 they give an IV, so she has an IV in her little arm again. We were told yesterday that she may have to have more blood platelets in the next few days if it doesn’t get better. She is still on her bubble CPAP and will most likely be on it for a while. At one point they were able to turn down the pressure from 8 to 7, but had to turn it back up, because she was struggling a little too much on 7. Once they are able to turn down the pressure, she will go onto regular oxygen. However we have been told that will not be for a while.

Speaking of her oxygen, this poor girl has these not so fun looking sores on her little ear and nose, from the tube rubbing against them. They put tape on her nose, and are trying to keep her off of her left ear. On Wednesday her ear was large, swollen, and purple. Thankfully it had improved enough by Thursday that the doctors didn’t feel the need to order any ointment for it.

The nurses we have been working with are all so great too! There have been a few nurses that have told us that when she wants something, she will let you know! She doesn’t like to be in the same position for too long, and she loves her binky. She also will suck on her little feeding tube when she is ready to eat, and while she is eating.

We are doing our best to not count down the days until her due date, but it’s crazy to think that It has already almost been a month! Hailey is 3 weeks old already and that is crazy to think about. In theory we only have 2 more months in the NICU! We are hopeful that those two months will go by quickly.

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