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Feisty Little Fighter

Hailey has been doing great, and is continuing to do so!

She has had a central line going into her belly button where her umbilical chord was. Through that line she was receiving fluids and some nutrients. On Tuesday, they were able to take out her central line, and now the only nutrients she gets are from the milk that I pump and bring in!

On Wednesday I was able to hold her for over an hour, and with how much she seemed to love it, I probably could have kept holding her. Her stats were excellent the whole time, and they didn’t have to turn up her oxygen hardly at all. She just laid on my chest and was so content! It was amazing.

When I finally asked the nurse to come put her back, Hailey was so mad. She cried, and was not happy to be back in her cozy little bed. However, once Pepper, her nurse, wrapped her up and gave her a binky, and she just laid there very content, and showed mama her pretty eyes!

At the NICU they have these teeny tiny binkies, and Hailey will take one and make these adorable little sucking sounds. Because she is so tiny, sometimes it falls out but she seems to be taking one really well!

We got the results of an echocardiogram back a few days ago as well! They were looking at a flap in her heart, that every baby has that is supposed to close. Last week it wasn’t closed, but this week it has!

We also got the results from a head ultrasound back. When Hailey was born they did a head ultrasound and discovered she had several brain bleeds. A few small ones, and one grade four brain bleed on her left occipital lobe. On Monday they did a follow up head ultrasound to check on them. We learned that all of the small ones are gone, but the large grade 4 is still there. The weird thing about this particular bleed is that it is in an odd place for a preemie. Usually preemies have brain bleeds in their ventricles, but Hailey’s ventricles are perfectly fine. This brain bleed thankfully hasn’t gotten any bigger, and it has begun to heal itself. The only down side is that as it heals it is filling with fluid and scar tissue. At this point we don’t know if it will cause any delays in the future for her. The only way we will know that is if she misses any of her milestones when she gets older, or is diagnosed with anything in the future. The doctors are hopeful that with how well she is doing right now, that is an indicator that it may not affect her at all in the future.

Hailey also got to meet her Great Grandma and Grandpa Lords this week! Grandpa was fascinated that someone so tiny was doing so well. And Grandma made the comment that the dolls she played with growing up were bigger than miss Hailey. It’s crazy to think my little 1 lb 10 oz miracle girl is smaller than a baby doll!! Hailey has also had the opportunity to meet her great and Jess, and great aunt Colline. Everyone is always amazed at how teeny tiny this little girl is.

The most amazing part to us about her size, is how much she wiggles and moves. I watched her wiggle her butt into the air, lift her head, and then just face plant into the blankets. She clearly wasn’t happy with that situation, but it is incredible to see how strong these little babies are!

Thursday was a bitter sweet day for mom. Thursday I went back to Rexburg. I have been at my parents house in Idaho Falls, so it has only been a short drive to the hospital. Getting home was emotional for so many reasons though. The initial sobbing started in the car, as I was driving away from Idaho Falls. It only got worse when I got home, and walked into my room where all of Hailey’s stuff is. The pain and heart break I felt at not having my baby at home with me is indescribable. It is something that I wish no one has to feel, yet I know that there are other preemie and still birth moms who feel a similar heart break.

Friday (today) we finally got some answers about this whole ordeal. When Hailey was born, they had the placenta taken and cultured. Our doctor finally got those results back and discovered that the placenta was about 40% infarcted. This means that blood flow to the placenta had been cut off somehow, and the placenta itself was about 40% dead. If we had gone home from the doctors office that night instead of to the hospital, things would have ended very differently. We are extremely thankful that the nurse at the clinic was able to identify that something wasn’t normal.

This whole ordeal seems to be taking a toll on our Jackson. This last week he has been acting up a lot, and the fact that he is getting a couple of molars doesn’t seem to be helping at all. Wednesday in particular he was terrible! We suspect a lot of it is lack of routine. When he is in Rexburg with dad, mom isn’t there. When he is in Idaho Falls at Grandma’s with mom, dad isn’t there. At first when this started he went from one grandma to the other and seemed to be having a blast. The last few days, that has not been the case. We are hoping that now I am home, we can try to get Jackson back on a more normal schedule, and get back to life as usual, if that is even possible at this point.

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