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Hope for Miss Hailey

Wow! This week has been a crazy one to say the least. And this weekend has been, well, hell. Or as close to it as I would ever like to be again.

It started off about a week ago, on Saturday the 17th. I actually wrote about how I hurt my ankle in my previous post, but I’ll be brief. I walked funny on some stairs, my ankle snapped, and I fell on my butt! It was great, embarassing, and my son, whom I was holding, was so confused as to why mommy just decided to sit down outside when it was freezing. Fast forward to the next day, Sunday, and I was in a lot of pain. I started to have regular contractions for about an hour straight. I attempted to time them, but kept getting interrupted. So rather than timing them I opted to see if they went on any later than an hour. I was home alone, Jon was at work, Jackson was at my in-law’s and my family wasn’t exactly close so I didn’t want to bother anyone unless I thought it was serious.

The contractions went away after about an hour, and after my brother and his roommate booked it over to give me a blessing. Later that evening, I noticed a little bit of bleeding, so Jon and I decided that I should go in to see the midwife the next day. While we were there, they did an ultrasound to make sure everything was good, and from what we saw, it was! So we went home and I was told to take it easy.

The next day, so Tuesday, I noticed that Hailey wasn’t moving around as much. So I did the usual things to get her to wiggle and move, and by that night she was kicking regularly again. Wednesday and Thursday I noticed again that she wasn’t as active either. To the point where I didn’t feel her at all.

Now the reason I didn’t worry about it at the time, was because when I was pregnant with Jackson, I had a scare too. But we went into the hosoital, they hooked me up and told me I was fine. I figured if I went in to be checked this pregnancy, that it would be the same results. I also figured where I had just seen and heard her on Monday, that everything was probably fine. I didn’t want to seem like one of those crazy, neurotic pregnant people, so I didn’t call my midwife right away.

Finally, Friday came and I still hadn’t felt her move. I was starting to panic a little bit, so I ate some of her favorite sweets, I tried being more active, I played loud music to my belly, I tried just about everything, but she wouldn’t move. After trying all of that, I began to panic even more. After calming my nerves, I called my mom, and told her everything. She couldn’t even believe that I hadn’t called my doctor two days earlier, and told me to get off the phone with her, and call my midwife asap.

I called the doctors office and they told me to come in that day and they would do a non stress test on her. So, because we had no idea what we would hear, we had my brother Spencer come and pick up Jackson and take him to Idaho Falls with him so my mom could watch him. That turned out to be a huge blessing!

We got to the office, and they had me recline and do the non stress test. During a non stress test they monitor baby’s heart rate and any contractions the mom could be having. During the twenty minutes they did that her heart rate dropped from about 147 to about 106 in a matter of seconds, and then jumped back up. Initially, the nurse looked at it, didn’t think anything of it, and was going to send us home! Thankfully another nurse took a look at the results, and as we were getting in the elevator to go home, they called and told us to come back upstairs for more testing.

The next test we had is called a Biophysicial Profile. For this test, I lay on a table and an ultrasound tech just points the ultrasound at the baby and we watch for certain movements, which baby had half an hour to complete. After that, they get a score out if ten. By her age, 26 1/2 weeks gestational, Hailey should have been scoring a 10/10. Unfortunately, little miss scored a 4/10. That, combined with the sudden decrease and increase in her heart rate, were concerning enough to the on-call doctor said that he wanted me admitted to the hospital over night so that we could continuously monitor the baby for twelve hours.

Because miss Hailey was so teeny tiny, it took them quite a while to be able to continuously monitor her heart rhythms without any breaks. When they were finally able to find a good spot, after a few hours, they left and Jon and I were chatting with his parents, and explaining to them that any decreases in heart rate were being monitored. After about twelve minutes, her heart rate dropped significantly three times. Mid conversation with Jon’s parents, and right after the third decel, a whole bunch of people came running into my room, and informed me that I was having a baby.

I’m that moment, I think my heart stopped for a few minutes, because I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t think or focus. Everything else happened so quickly it’s just a blur! One thing I remember clearly, was as they were about to put me under, I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I couldnt inhale at all. I remember panicking, and then blacking out.

It all happened so fast, they wheeled me in to have my C-section at 11:15 and she was born at 11:19. We found out later that if we had waited even ten more minutes, she would have died. And even then, right after she was born they had to do compressions before they could try to get her stable, to transport her to a different hospital.

We still don’t know why all this happened, and we may never know. We know it wasn’t my fall last week, but that’s bout it.

I will be updating the blog as much as possible, to give people a heads up about how Hailey is doing. We appreciate any positive thoughts and prayers headed our direction. We feel them, and we know they are getting us through this difficult time.

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