25 weeks down, 15ish to go!

Getting past all the nausea, vomiting, back and other bodily aches, as well as being tired all the time (wow! This sounds so positive, huh?) Pregnancy number two had actually been pretty great! Definitely not all butterflies and rainbows, but better than pregnancy number one!

I am currently 25 weeks along, and little girl is moving around constantly. So much, in fact, that we had to do two anatomy ultrasounds because she wouldn’t sit still or move in the right positions. Oh, we tried everything to get her to adjust, but she is stubborn, just like her mama!

Jon and I have already started planning for when she comes, which seems to be approaching faster and faster! Of course we are working on a birth plan, (becaus giving birth can be planned and go exactly how we want it to, right?? 😂) but we are also getting things ready at home. We got a cute dresser from my parents for her, and put it in our room, where she will be sleeping for the first few months, until Jackson learns to sleep in his toddler bed, and she sleeps through the night!

We are also making lots of fun lists of all the different things we will need for a baby girl! I LOVE boutiques! I frequently browse several online, wishing I could afford/fit into some of the cute things they sell! Currently, the search is on for boutiques and stores that sell bows, dresses, and just all around cute outfits for baby girls!

I took it upon myself to go through my hope chest, and I found cute blankets and a quilt that my late grandmother had left us as well! And baby outfits that my mom had bought and saved.

All of the ‘stuff’ has been great, but one of the things that has been awesome about this experience is my health care provider! (Crazy, right??) When I was pregnant with Jackson, I hated my practitioner (whose name I will not say.) I felt like this person didn’t listen, and missed a lot. When I told them I was dizzy and falling over, they said “sorry” and moved on to the next patient. They also missed and didn’t treat a UTI, which was so fun to deal with, amd have discovered by another doctor later. Honestly, for the most part I would walk in to this office and feel like I was just another number.

Living in a different state for this pregnancy, I decided to get advice from friends. I had two recommend the same person. Both friends said they absolutely loved this person! The only thing that really made me hesitate, was the fact that she was a midwife.

I had always associated midwives with natural child birth, home births, giving birth in tubs, severe tearing, etc. However, I decided to take a leap of faith and at least set up an appointment with this particular midwife. Long story short, I love her! She listens, and if I start bawling, or ask her a stupid question, she is there, listening and reassuring. And she doesn’t take my concerns lightly, or brush them aside. And guess what?? She is also 100% for me getting that epidural that I want!

The midwife has been amazing, and the support from family and friends has been great too! Getting to be a stay at home mom while Jon works has been nice. I recognize not everyone can afford to do that, so I am just so thankful that I have that opportunity. It has been both challenging, but nice. It makes it a little easier to take the advice of my midwife when she says to nap when Jackson naps. My brother and his girl friend have even come over to help with Jackson on days when I feel particularly exhausted or sick. And they usually don’t judge my messy house lol. It also is difficult because sometimes, talking to a toddler all day gets to be a little, well, boring. It makes me miss talking to adults.

At 25 weeks, Jackson has just now discovered that I have a baby bump!

He decided that it makes a great drum, but still has no clue there is a baby in there (although he knows the word baby pretty well.) Come June, this boy is going to have a rude awakening. Thankfully for him, he has a few more months of being an only child, and we have a few more months to enjoy just being a family of three!

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