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Changes in the Goodsell Family!

It’s been a while since I have written anything! Jon and I were not able to get family photos done, or any kind of New Years letter out, so I figured I would post here some updates from 2017.


Jon ended his time at BYU Provo, and decided to come back to his old school in the Fall. He is majoring in Exercise Physiology and is hoping to become a Physical therapist! He is doing great and maintained all A’s in his first semester back, even in the hardest class!

This fall, we also had the opportunity to attend one of Jon’s best friend’s wedding! It was a fun, yet exhausting 48 hours, but so worth it. After the wedding we were able to stop at the grave side service for Jon’s grandpa Goodsell.

Jon has been amazing, being a full time student and daddy!


While living in Utah, Heather started attending Aesthetics school, and was really enjoying it. Unfortunately things don’t always work out the way we would like them to, and she had to make the hard decision to quit attending.

Shortly after, The family moved, and Heather has been working at Arby’s. It has been a good job, with good coworkers and employers.

Between working there, running a household, and being a mom, it has been pretty busy, and only slightly exhausting.


Sweet Jackson has just grown up so much!! He turned one in July, and has begun talking a little but, but not much. He mostly just pushes us in the general direction of what he wants until we figure it out. Oh, and screams of we don’t. But that’s a toddler for ya, right?

Jackson also got to experience his first camping trip with grandma and grandpa Lords! He learned pretty quick he prefers trailer campers to tents…so does his mom!

Recently, he has definitely hit his terrible twos! And he isn’t even two yet! We are hoping he doesn’t turn into a full blown threenager next year. But despite the tantrums, and the neediness, he is a ray of sunshine in our lives.

Family News

Jon and I made several new years resolutions for ourselves, and with the month half way over, it’s safe to say we have made at least one of them a solid habit. One of our resolutions was to read scriptures nightly, because I have yet to read the Book of Mormon all the way through, without skimming, or skipping. So far we are doing pretty great, and are to the book of Mosiah!

Jackson’s new years resolution is going to take a bit. His is to sleep all night without needing mom or dad. He was sleep trained at one point, but that seems to change every time he is teething, sick, or both. So we are using the Ferber method! It’s interesting on an 18 month old, but works great! We have also re-started a solid bed time routine which seems to help him sleep as well. He has learned that he loves books! We read stories before he goes in and lays down and goes to sleep. That way mom gets her cuddles, but he goes to sleep by himself. Win, win!

In other family news, Jon and I discovered that we will be welcoming baby Goodsell number 2 in June! For a while we definitely weren’t sure how we felt about it, especially where Jon still has a year left on his Bachelor’s, and around three years for Physical Therapy school. But, in the long run we know this baby is supposed to be here now, and as the months go on, we grow more and more excited!

Jackson still doesn’t really know what’s going on, as he is still a little young. But with how loving and affectionate he is, we are pretty sure he will like his younger brother or sister…after he gets over the inevitable initial jealousy.

I am 17 weeks along, and so far it has been better than when I was pregnant with Jackson. With Jackson I was throwing up constantly. With this little nugget it has been better, not as much throwing up, but still plenty of challenges. And still plenty of nausea.

Working fast food during my first trimester was challenging to say the least. It didn’t help that there were co-workers who really wanted me to throw up at work, and would say “smell this” or “look at this” to try to make me gag. We had made the decision to tell work rather soon, so that if I was throwing up at work, or if I was too sick to work, people wouldn’t assume that I was contagious and send me home, or faking constantly if I couldn’t work. Clearly that backfired lol. Last pregnancy while I was working, there were plenty of times I was super sick and Jon had to fill in. We figured this pregnancy might be similar, and wanted to be proactive.

But fingers crossed this pregnancy Continues to improve, and get easier as time passes. Only 23 more weeks!

So there is our little update! We are excited for the next few months, and of course the rest of 2018!

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