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Yesterday in Relief Society we had this awesome lesson on fear and uncertainty. I feel like, being in the stage of life that we are in, Jon and I are facing constant uncertainty. To be completely honest, everyone in the stage is facing constant uncertainty. When will he be graduating? Where are we going to work? Where will we move for grad school? How will we pay off all the debt? Where will we live?

I could literally go on and on about all the uncertainty we are facing right now. It’s hard to look into the future and have no idea where life will take you. And having a family makes those fears so much more pronounced for me.

In Relief Society we were talking about how we can’t always let fear dictate our choices. How many times have you wanted to do something, but you were scared? Someone gave the example of skydiving. Now personally I think that is a healthy fear, but in reality if we never trust, and if we never try we will always be stuck in the same rutt. If we never jump out of that plane, we will be going around in circles in a plane.

But how do we learn to try? How do we learn to let our fears go? One of the best ways we have found is by trusting God, or doing our best to do so. Sometimes it takes a huge leap of faith, other times its super easy and that is okay!

If you are anything like me, trust doesn’t come easily. I have been hurt enough that I have a small group of people that I actually trust fully. So how can trust help us face fears? Especially if we have a hard time trusting? First of all, you can always trust God. That is something I learned in adolsence. Second, you take that leap of faith. You dive right in, knowing that God, and your small trusted group have your back. It is scary as heck!! I would compare it to skydiving, and taking that initial leap out of the plane. You trust that the parachute will work, and you trust that your instructor taught you how to skydive properly. You trust that the instructor hooked up to you, won’t let you go splat. But the hardest part, hands down, is taking that leap. Once you do it, it’s so worth it.

Jon and I are in this super fun stage where we get to decide if we should take this leap of faith, or if we stay complacent. The fear is, if we do take a leap and make some changes, that everything could go wrong. However, lately I have felt that it’s time to make some changes, and stop allowing fear to control me. Jon agrees one hundred percent.

You see, not only do I fear everything going wrong, but I also fear what everyone thinks. We live in a society where, because of the internet and because of social media, everyone has an opinion. It’s totally okay to have and to voice your opinion, but people do so now in a way that hurts others. They troll, and they blatantly try to offend or hurt someone. I am always wondering if I am being judged as a mother, or as a person in church or at work. Or just in life, in general. And the fact of the matter is, someone is always saying something about you, or silently judging you. You can either lay back and take it, or you can do something about it. Take a leap of faith, and have a little trust. Trust that everything will work itself out.

In the past I have written about giving yourself the benefit of the doubt, and not being so hard on yourself. So while the world is beating you down, face your fears head on. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt! Believe in yourself and believe that God (or whatever higher power you believe in) will help you!! Believe that, while there are people out there that don’t want you to succeed, there are even more people who want to see you do your very best to achieve all you can.

Take that leap. Jump out of that plane (with your parachute of course!) Have a little faith that everything will turn out. Don’t give up.

So cheers! Cheers to taking a leap of faith and to trying new things! Life is so full of uncertainty and change and it is time that we…that I embrace it. Change can cause anxiety, doubt, and fear. But it can also be wonderful, once you take that leap!

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