Lessons Learned while being Sick

Last week, I wasn’t feeling super great. I was tired, and clearly coming down with something. I ignored my symptoms and went about my week, trying to just work through it. Literally, I went to work every day, feeling like total garbage.

This last week I have felt miserable, and I had this crazy idea in my head that because I am the provider and a mom, that I had to tough it out. I was quite literally miserable at work on Friday and Saturday. Saturday was, in a way, my breaking point. I showed up for my 9 o’clock shift, and I literally wanted to die. I wanted to curl up in a ball and get paid to do nothing.

See, that was my biggest dilemma. I need money, but if I take a sick day, then I lose hours and my pay check sucks worse than usual. So, I told myself that I was going to stick it out for the money, especially since no one. Ould come take my shift. the time I was a little anoyed, but now I am thankful that the supervisor at the time told me to go home, and had someone else finish out my shift.

So I went home early, and I tried to lay on the couch and just relax, but I felt too guilty. I felt like I needed to be cleaning, and making dinner. So, I got off my fanny and I started cleaning and attempted to make food. The next morning was Sunday and I knew I needed to go to church. My alarm went off and I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed because I felt so bad. So Jon took Jackson to chir h and I stayed in bed for like two more hours.

Now that I am feeling better, there are a few things I learned from last week!

1. Mom’s get sick days

Have you ever seen those memes or read a statement that says “moms don’t get sick days?” Well I have, and I just really need to say that those are lies! You get to take a sick day! Don’t let anyone, not even idiots on the internet, tell you otherwise.

2. It’s okay to rely on others

I have been so focused on just letting Jon focus on school, that I was over exerting myself, and stressing out big time. To be honest, I think I got sick because I was stressed. When I came home from work not feeling good, I saw that Jon had been doing his best to clean, do homework, and keep the baby alive. He even made dinner (or, he did his best haha.) I have relied on him a lot lately, and am so thankful for him!

3. Take care of yourself first

The most important thing in my life is my family. I work as hard and as much as I can for them. The one thing that I have learned this last week, is to take care of myself first so that I can love and enjoy my family. You can’t give when there is nothing left to give. Sometimes you need to be selfish.

I actually have a really hard time being selfish sometimes. I am always afraid that my words or actions could offend someone (partially because everyone gets offended over everything!) I say sorry all of the time, and have literally had a coworker yell telling me to stop. Last week, I finally decided to be selfish. I went home from work early Saturday, and on Sunday I literally sat on my couch all day. It. Was. Glorious! I woke up Monday morning feeling great, and refreshed.

I am am definitely still not feeling 100% but it was nice to just take care of me, and to rely more on my husband for a bit. He even got me flowers and Pepsi, because he is amazing!

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