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Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Oh my goodness! Is October half way over already?

Life has been so busy, that it has been hard to do all of the fun things! But we have definitely made do, and done what we can!

At the beginning of this month, we went to a pumpkin patch in Idaho Falls with Spencer and J, and Jackson loved the pumpkins! He wanted to take them all home. Thankfully, we decides on one for him! Can you guess which one is his?

At the pumpkin patch there was also a big slide, a train, and a children’s straw maze! There was truly no sweeter sound, than to hear Jackson giggle as he and his daddy went zooming down that slide. And he looked so grown up running and exploring the maze! It was so sweet, and so eye opening for us to see Jackson being independent! He is so smart, and so funny, and it is so great for us to be able to see that personality coming out.

He is getting so big, and it is amazing to see him be more independent. Every day, he gets more and more independent, and hanging out at the pumpkin patch gave us a taste of his ambition, and his likes and dislikes. He is an adventurer through and through, and he loves animals! He saw several ducks, and just marched right over to them, motioning for them to “come here.” And his new word, ball, applied to every pumpkin he saw.

Our boy is growing up so fast! We wish he would slow down, but we are so looking forward to making more fun memories!

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