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Just a Little Update

Wow! It has been a while since I have posted anything! Things have been insane in the Goodsell household. Jackson has been teething, Jon has started school, and I have been working full time, I things have been a little crazy!

Jon started school at the beginning of September, and has been on fire!! He has A’s in all of his classes, and has been doing remarkably well. He has decided on Physical Therapy school after he finishes his Bachelor’s degree! So there are exciting things to come for him!

In order for Jon to be able to focus more on school, he is a full time student and daddy, while I work 30 to 40 hours a week. It has been hard and long, but seeing Jon’s grades, it has definitely been worth it! Lately, if I am not at home, then I am at work. And I am blessed with awesome co-workers, a cool boss, and, as a bonus, work that keeps me fairly busy.

The only down fall to working all the time is literally never getting to see my family. I never really understood the stress of being the sole provider, until now.

Things have been stressful to the max! Jon is getting all A’s in school, while being a daddy full time, and I think that is pretty incredible! However, being so busy has really made me understand the phrase “you can have a clean house when you are dead.” Just yesterday, I came home from work and decided to let Jacks play in his room while I got some stuff done around the house. Little did I know that would mean adding another room to clean….

It looks like he had fun though, right??

It has also made me appreciate all the little things Jon does for me while I am gone.whether it’s dishes, tidying the living room before I get home, or buying me flowers and Pepsi when I have been stressed. He is definitely one of a kind!

On another note, recently the Goodsells have been traveling! Our latest adventure involved us driving twelve hours to Portland, attending a fabulous wedding for some great friends, and then driving back the next day! It was amazingly fun, and stressful at the same time!

Rather thank take a toddler on a twelve hour car ride, Jon and I decided to leave him with my parents. After the wedding on Friday, I called my mom to see how things were going, and she informed me that, along with his severe tummy troubles, Jackson also had strep and an ear infection! Poor baby was still happy as ever though. He is such a happy little guy, it is really hard to tell if he is sick! Thankfulky, he is feeling much better now!

So, that is just a snippet of the craziness that has been going on lately! Hopefully things will slow down soon, and we can enjoy what’s left of this Fall!

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