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The New House!

Guys!! We are finally moving into our new place! I am so excited! We started moving in a few days ago, so this week has been insanely crazy! So fun for sure though. The home we moved into was originally built at some point in the 50’s (we think) and it is so awesome! It has two very retro bathrooms, and three nice sized bedrooms! Compared to the 800 square feet we had before, let’s just say this new place is wonderful! We now have room in our bedroom for both of our night stands, and we each get our own closets!

One thing that I love about this new place, is the fact that it has so much storage! My parents made the comment that they don’t make houses with this much storage anymore. In the halls, there is so much storage, and in one of the bedrooms there are all sorts of nooks and crannies, and shelf space! There is even storage downstairs!

I also love the fact that this new kitchen has so much cupboard space. Before, we had several boxes of miscellaneous dishes and such that we stored at Jon’s parents’ house, and now we actually have the space to keep and use all of it!

One thing that I find neat about several of the pieces of furniture that we have acquired, is that they are all family heirlooms. The table in the dining room, as well as the China cabinet, each belonged to one of Jon’s great grandmothers. The table in the breakfast nook belonged to my great grandfather, and the small shelf in the bedroom belonged to my grandmother. I am a huge nerd when it comes to antiques and such, so I was very excited to have these pieces of furniture in our home. I think it adds to the charm of the house, and makes everything more perfect!

A lot of hard work has gone into this home, and we are so excited to be living here, and so thankful it was available when it was. It was truly a blessing that ot was available August 1st, considering our move out date was July 31st.

Despite working 30-40 hour work weeks, I have been able to slowly start decorating, and Jon, while taking care of Jackson, has been able to unpack the majority of our belongings. He single-handedly unpacked the bedroom while I was at work, as well as putting up shelves, helping his dad fix the bathroom sink, and hanging pictures on the walls for me! He has worked so hard, and looking at pictures, and just sitting in this living room, you can really see it. I am a very lucky girl!

So, for your enjoyment, here are a few before and afters of our cute home. The next few years are definitely going to be an adventure, but we can not wait!

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms! As you know, I love to cook and bake. And, as I stated earlier, the. Cabinet. Space!!

The living room has been super fun as well! Jon went and bought some cute shelving to put movies on, and the non-functioning fire place is perfect for putting a few of Jackson’s favorite toys!

The dining room! Everywhere we have lived, I have wanted some kind of formal dining room, and I am so excited to have one now!

The bathroom. This room was somewhat of a challenge, considering it is bright pink! However, my Mother-In-Law graciously replaced the green sink with a white one, and we are very grateful for that!

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