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Why I Blog

I figure that I should reintroduce myself! My name is Heather Goodsell, and I am the chief writer on our blog! (Jon helps too, just not as much.) We have been married for almost two years, and have a dog named Milo, and a sweet little boy named Jackson. Jon is currently a student, and I am just working, going from day to day being a mom, and trying to figure out this thing called life. 

Blogging is something I am very new at. Initally, I started blogging on a whim. I thought maybe it would be fun, maybe I would find something out about myself. 

You see, I have Facebook. However, for about eight months, I deleted my Facebook completely. During the political season, when the president of Twitter was elected, Facebook was blowing up. I had friends and relatives posting all sorts of political stuff. I was too. However, have you ever noticed that sometimes, even if you refrain from commenting on another person’s post that you disagree with, they still tend to be rude on yours? I got so sick of that last fall. To the point that I started fighting back so to speak. 

I started to be mean. I would never call myself a mean person, but in those few months,  I was very mean. I said awful things to people behind the protection of a computer screen, and they in turn did the same. I realized that that person was not who I was, but who social media was turning me into. 

I made the decision to permanently delete my Facebook account. I got on Instagram and found a whole new world. A world where people were nice, encouraging, and supportive. There were these groups of “mom bloggers” who were supportive of each other, and uplifting. My husband and I were talking about it a little bit, and I asked him how he would feel if I started blogging. He thought it was a great idea! 

You see, even though I was done on Facebook, I still had thoughts, opinions and emotions. And I wanted to find a space to express those things. I wanted a space to say what I thought safely. I also wanted a space to document what is going on with our family. 

I know a lot of people blog for money, but I don’t. I blog because I enjoy writing things down, whether it is Jackson’s birth story, or recipes, or just random moments in life! 


1 thought on “Why I Blog”

  1. Hi Heather , how are you? I had friends posting stuff politically too during election and I said ok, you can be an aqquaintance for a while! You are doing a great job blogging Heather, I don’t get to comment all the time but love your posts! Hugs, Terri xoxo.


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