Memorial Day Weekend 2K17

This year, Memorial day was bitter sweet. About three weeks ago, my sweet grandmother passed away. It was something that, while painful for us, was great for her. My grandmother had been a widow for almost 9 years, and the week before Mother’s day, she was reunited with her sweet husband, and my grandfather. Every year, for Memorial day my family visits graves. This is the first year that I have not been able to participate, due to being in a different state. It is also the first year my family visited Grandma and Grandpa’s graves, not just Grandpa’s. 

While we weren’t able to participate in my family’s traditions, Jon, Jackson and I were able to make our own sweet memories, and traditions. On Sunday, we had the opportunity to go for a drive through Springville, Utah. We had intended to go fishing at Hobble Creek. However, we ended up getting a little turned around, and found this new family park and reservoir! We decided to stop, and have a fun family picnic, where Jackson pigged out on peanut butter and jelly. We decided ed to check out the beach there, and discovered that Jackson absolutely loves water. He got to put his feet in the water (which was very cold by the way) and all he wanted to do was get all the way in and splash! When we realized just how much he loves the water, Jon and I decided that the next day we would go swimming. 

Monday we drove to Sugarhouse, and went to an aquatic center there. However, before we went swimming, we went for a walk around the park, and Jackson got to see ducks and geese for the first time. He loved them, and wanted to touch them and pet them (Obviously we didn’t let him.) 

While we were at the park I was pleasantly surprised with Jon. As you know, and duck ponds, people often feed the animals bread, and leave the  wrappers. While we were walking around the pond, every wrapper we found Jon would pick up and carry with us until we found a garbage. I have to say, it was pretty great to see him do that. And to see him care about wildlife and the earth. It is something we have often talked about.

 Once we got in the aquatic center, Jackson at first a little overwhelmed. He saw the water splashing and didn’t know what to think. But once he got in the pool, he was splashing, kicking, and laughing every time Jon went under the water. Jackson is a little fish, and I have a feeling he will be as good a swimmer as his daddy. 

Now that Jackson is old enough, it is so fun to see him experience new things for the first time. And now that things are warming up, I can’t wait to take him camping, fishing with dad, and more. 

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