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Diet Update 

Dang! It has been a log time since I have gotten on the blog! Life has been very busy. I got into school, we have both been working, and Jackson is now more mobile than ever, making it nearly impossible to simply sit for more than  a few minutes.
I wanted to post a quick update on the diet I told you guys about. Doing a macro diet has been insane. At first it was actually pretty easy, but to be honest, as I have continued on my diet, I have found it to be a lot harder. I. Want. Chocolate. Like every day, all the time. Unfortunately chocolate is like a once a week thing, and it has to fit in with my allotted calories for that day. However, I am, seeing great results. I am down 8 pounds from when I started, my energy levels are up, and I am starting to see more results from the gym! My arms are smaller, my waist is smaller, and I can lift more. 

Being physically fit has become a big part of my life in the last year, and I hope to inspire someone else to  also want to become physically active and eat right. 

The other night, I took my friend’s little sister out grocery shopping. She was asking me about my goals, and what all I was doing. I explained my plan, and she said “yeah, I really need to start exercising and eating right. It is just hard.” My heck. Yes it is hard. I don’t think I could have done it, or lost the weight/gained the muscle that I have without the support of my sweet husband, and the support of the trainer. 

I told this friend just that, and I told her how when I first started exercising, all I wanted to do was use the treadmill, then gradually I started lifting weights, then I decided to change my diet. It was all gradual, none of it was immediate. I am very excited to see where this new path takes me from here!

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