10 Things You Probably don’t know about the Goodsells!

Today, I figured that I would share a little bit about myself, and my family, just so you can get to know us a little bit better! 

Heather (that’s me!)

1. I love ice cream! Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with the stuff! I love every flavor, except chocolate!

2. I hate fake people. I feel like when I am interacting with someone, I want to interact with the real them, not a fake, ‘polite’ version of them. 

3. Politics fascinate me. I enjoy keeping up with politics, but hate parties, and the fact that the nation is so divided because of them. When people ask me if I am a Republican or a Democrat, generally I tell them neither. I have values that both parties believe. I am simply me. 

4. Cooking and baking are my favorite passtimes. I enjoy coming up with new, delicious recipes and experimenting with amdll sorts of flavors. Lately my favorite thing has been healthy cooking.

5. I enjoy weight lifting. Weight lifting is something that I have recently gotten into, and it is something that I have truly grown to love. It allows me to work off stress from the day, to push myself, and to see daily progress. 

6. Make up is fabulous! I love doing make up. In fact in a couple of weeks I will be doing my sister’s wedding make up. Honestly, I love skin care in general and look forward to attending the Aveda Institute.

7. I am a history buff! I love history, and I have a passion for it. I enjoy learning new things about the past, and truly believe that if we don’t learn from our history we will be doomed to repeat it. 

8. I love shopping, and if I had more money Nordstrom and H&M would be my closet, and Gymboree would be Jacks’! Every time I go to the mall it is a struggle to not over spend (and sometimes spend at all.) However I find walking around the mall relaxing, and Jackson likes to look at all the people.

9. I have more insecurities than I am willing to admit. Every day I deal with insecurities ranging from not being a good enough wife and mother, to being Intimidated by the buff guys at the gym. Because I am so insecure I apologize for everything, or qualify everything with “I know this sounds dumb but…” 

10. My dog is an emotional support dog. Most people think that that is just a lame excuse to have a dog when housing doesn’t allow them. That is not my case, however. I have severe anxiety and depression, and since I and my constantly home alone with a baby, it is important for me to have my dog, especially during attacks. 

1. Jon is really tall. Like 6′ 5″ tall. I am pretty sure that means that all of our kids are going to be taller than me.

2. Jon served his mission in Kansas, and still talks about it all the time. 

3. Jon also loves weight lifting, and going to the gym. He is the one who about tally got me into it, and motivated me to go. At the moment he is working on bulking up.

4. Jon is a Statistics major. He is looking into becoming an actuary, but that is not set in stone yet. He is still exploring his options. 

5. Jon also has anxiety. His anxiety is more under control than mine, but it is still yhere, and I definitely see it more during stressful situations. 

6. Jon is about tally gamer! He has multiple game systems, and uses all of them. He has even gotten me to play a few games with him. He just finished the new Resident Evil. And I refuse to play it. 

7. Jon is a Utes fan! His whole family loves the Utes, so it is kind of funny that he is going to school at BYU.

8. Jon is amazingly good at math. Earlier today I was looking at some of his Calculus homework, amd I was so confused because I would have no idea how to even begin doing said himework. Jon, on the other hand, just breezes through it, or so it seems.

9. Jon has had 3 jaw surgeries. Jon’s jaw wasn’t formed right, or something like that, so doctors had to go in and reposition his jaw. The first time, before his mission, it all went great. Then, after he got home they discovered his jaw had gone back to its previous position. So, long story short, he has ended up having to do this surgery 3 times. His mouth was wired shut when our son was born. 

10. Jon is an amazing loving, kind, and generous husband and father. He puts Jacks and I first, even if it’s an inconvenience for him. 


1. Jackson loves to laugh and giggle at everything. His laugh is absolutely contagious. 

2. He crawls all over the house and gets into everything now.

3. When Jackson was born, he was in the NICU for a week, and gave us quite a scare for a bit. 

4. He loves to play with Daddy! One of his favorite things is when Daddy tickles him!

5. Jackson loves snuggles with mom, and likes to listen to stories before bed. 

6. He lives the dog. Every time he sees the dog, his face absolutely lights up, and he starts laughing. (The dog tolerates he baby haha.)

7. Bath time always makes him happy. He can be tored, and grumph, but stick him in the tub and his whole attitude changes. 

8. He likes being thrown in the air. Jon amd I are pretty sure that he likes the free falling feeling.I think that means he is going to like roller coasters.

9. He likes to play in his jumper. Put him in his Jumper, and he will play for at least an hour before getting bored. 

10. Jackson has learned to run in his walker. It is super cute, until he runs over your ankles. 

Well there ya have it. That is the Goodsell gang in a nutshell. Jon and I can’t wait to see how our little munchkin changes and grows over time. 

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