Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies Part 2!

Woohoo! I finally had time to make some cookies!! And as promised, I am going to tell you how I freeze my cookie dough. 

Jon amd I are both now on strict diets, which means that we can only cheat occasionally. That also means that after this week, I can’t bake a whole batch of cookies for Jon and I to munch on. So, rather than making a whole batch, I froze a bunch of cookie dough. One of the best recipes I have ever found for freezing actually came from my mom. It is a huge recipe, and allows me to make a batch and freeze one or two more! I have learned that a lot of different people freeze cookie do7gh in very different ways! One way I have found is most common, is to put it in a container and scoop it out later. That is all fine and dandy, but I have a small freezer, so I need to save space, and containers don’t always let me do that. So, I use wax paper instead! 

First, make your cookie dough! 

Second, get your wax paper ready!

Finally, roll the dough so that it is long and thin, about 2  inches in diameter. 

Wrap the wax paper around and twist the ends. I use twisty ties to keep them closed. Stick it in the freezer, and whenever you want a few cookies, unwrap it, cut off a few, toss them in the oven, amd voila! Just enough cookies for a little snack!

What is one of your absolute favorite cookie recipes? Feel free to share in the comments, I would love to try new cookies! 

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