Family, Motherhood

The Sucky Day

If I could give today a title it would be “The Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” but since that is already a book title, I will just call today sucky. A few days ago, while visiting family in Idaho, my husband hit a slick spot and crashed our car. I found out today that it is totaled, and that we will be getting half of what it is worth. Oh also my Aunt Flow decided to visit, if ya catch my drift!

 Jon went back to Utah on Saturday with a friend, for school, but I have no way of getting home with our dog, baby and all our stuff, so I have been stuck at my parent’s house! It isn’t so bad I guess, but it has made me realize several things:

1. This isn’t ‘home’ anymore. Sure, I will always be comfortable here, but my home per se, is where my husband is. My home is in Utah, in my tiny three bedroom apartment. 

2. I hate stairs. We have been staying in my parent’s basement, and going up and down and up and down, while I am sure it is good for my body in  general, totally kills my knees! 

3. I get cranky when I am not able to leave the house. 

4. Last but not least, I have mad respect for single mom’s! I have had to take care of Jackson basically all by my self for the last three days. Sure, my parents have helped out, when they aren’t working or busy. That is only during the day. At night I am in my own. No Jon here to help me out and let me get a little more sleep. And I am the only one to change diapers and give him baths. It has only been a few days, and I am already exhausted! I have no idea how single mom’s do this for weeks on end!

While life has definitely got me down, I know that there are positives such as the fact that Jon and I get a new car, and Jon will be back in Idaho to pick me up in two days! I am not counting or anything, definitely not excited at ALL! 

So while I sit here stuffing my face with chocolate and try to calm a fussy baby, keep in mind that a bad day could definitely be worse, and I will try to do the same! 

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