A Year for Resolutsions

When I walked into my gym on January 2nd, I was not surprised to see that it was full of people. A few of the usual’s were there, the lady in green on the treadmill, The guy sitting on the bike watching the sports channel. While the usual’s were  there, the gym was also filled with a whole bunch of unfamiliar faces. There were only one or two treadmills and elliptical machines free. It was for sure not my typical Monday morning at the gym. I started talking to my trainer, Brenton, a little bit, and he told me he was actually surprised that they weren’t more busy. Research shows that traffic at the gym increases anywhere from 30%-50%. I found myself telling my trainer that I thought that was sad, and I feel like I should clarify. I don’t mean it is sad that traffic increases, and all of those people are probably setting goals that they won’t reach. I mean, it is sad that they are setting these goals, and rather than doing their all to reach them, come March they give up and have wasted time and money.

I started going to the gym in September after I had Jackson. I set my goals, and decided that I didn’t want weight loss to be my priority. I wanted healthy living to be my number one goal, and weight loss to be a bonus. When I first started going I mostly just ran on the treadmill using this awesome app called Couch to 5k. It helped me increase my stamina, and I noticed a definite difference in my physical appearance. I slowly lost weight, and felt great. I also started getting really bored. I was sick of going to the gym several times a week, doing the same things over and over. Finally, I enlisted my husband’s help to teach me how to use the weight machines. Once I knew how to use them, and started using them more religiously when I went to the gym I noticed huge changes in myself. I was happy, I didn’t feel as depressed, and I genuinely looked forward to going to the gym as often as I could.

For a while, just running and doing my own thing at the gym was good. But I started to notice after a few weeks that I didn’t feel like I was getting as much, if anything out of it. Jon suggested that I start meeting with a personal trainer. I was skeptical and nervous, simply because I am very self conscious. I had a hard enough time working out with other people around, let alone with someone who knows what he is doing and who would critique me. I decided to be brave however, and have not regretted it. Not only am I now getting better work outs in, I feel happy again, and I have seen changes in my weight as well. Six weeks after I had my son, I was a size 15, the largest I have ever been. I started going to the gym, and now, five months later, I am down to a size 12. Hard work and dedication have paid off for. sure!

So moral of the story: if weight loss or fitness is your New Years resolution, stick to it!!!

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