Merry Christmas from The Goodsells!

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Wow! What a year it has been! We have been busy, busy, busy this last year! Here is a little re-cap to catch you up!

December 2015: Jon was accepted into BYU, and I quit my job, so we made a very last-minute move down to Orem. We moved into a dumpy little one bedroom apartment, in  a complex that was beyond sketchy. I was in my first trimester, so I did a LOT of sleeping in between unpacking. Jon also got a job at the local Arctic Circle, and is still currently working there while attending school.

January-March 2016: Jon started attending BYU as a Bio-statistics major. He quickly realized that college, especially at this school, was nothing like high school. He worked full-time while attending classes. In February, I got a job at Arctic Circle as well, to help with the family income. That same month, we also found out we would be expecting a sweet little boy. Jon’s brother, Matthew, also left to serve a LDS mission in Salt Lake City, Utah.

March 2016: Jon and I got really sick of our crappy little apartment. It was small, over-priced,  and no matter how much I scrubbed it, it still never felt clean. Our neighbors across from us both smoked out on the balcony, and because our front door had a giant crack at the bottom that no one had bothered to fix, all of the smoke went right into our living room. Anyway, we got really sick of this apartment and started looking for another apartment. We found  an apartment complex on campus. Our  new apartment has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It is small for sure, but so much nicer than the one in Orem. The only down side I have found with this complex, is the ugly carpet, and no dishwasher. Other than that, we love it here. We live in a great community, and right after we moved in, ourfriends, Jessica and Eric, invited us over for game night, we have made several great friends since moving here. The neighborhood  is nice, and what we love most about it, is that everyone is on the same boat. All students, all either just married, or starting their families. We love it, and don’t plan on moving again until Jon is finished with school.

April-July 2016: Jon and I continued to work, and Jon went to school. In May, we made a trip to Idaho so that Jon could have surgery on his jaw. To put it simply, Jon’s jaw was not aligned correctly, so it was putting pressure on his back molars. The doctor had to go in and re-align his jaw, and when he was done, Jon was on a liquid diet for about six weeks. In June, Jon went in for a check up and discovered that the left jaw had kind of reverted back to its original position. So at the end of June, Jon had another surgery to correct that problem, and was on a liquid diet for another six weeks. For the record, that is the third surgery Jon has had on his jaws. While he was recovering, I started having contractions, so Jon’s mom drove us back home to Provo. My contractions were on and off for the next two weeks. On July 15, 2016 Jon and I welcomed Jackson Willis Goodsell into our little family. He was in the NICU for a week due to infection, and then permitted to come home.


August 2016: August was a fun and hectic month. When Jackson was about 4 weeks old, the three of us took a trip to Jackson for the annual family vacation.

September-November 2016: Jon started school up again, and I stayed at home with Jackson. At the beginning of November I went back to my old boss, and started working at Arctic Circle again. At the end of November, the day before Thanksgiving, Jon had surgery on both of his knees. He has been recovering for over a month, but once the swelling goes down, his physical therapist is confident that Jon will regain the full range of motion in both knees.


Now it is December again, and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Merry  Christmas, and Happy New Year!

The Goodsell Family.

Jonathan, Heather, and Jackson.

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