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Divinity: A Delicious Christmas Treat!


The Holiday season is upon us! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year! I love all of the giving that goes on. I honestly think that is one of the reasons I love Christmas so much! I absolutely love service and giving. Whether it is bringing someone a treat you have made, getting them a Christmas gift, or even wishing them a Merry Christmas, I love it! When I was growing up, there were a couple of different older gentlemen in my neighborhood who would take their snow blowers and snow blow all of the side walks and driveways. My brothers also loved to take their shovels and shovel the neighbor’s driveways. My family, and a lot of other family’s in the area would also do neighbor gifts! Usually little home made goodies, or notes, fun things like that.

Besides giving and doing service for others, my favorite Christmas memories from growing up also included helping my mom make yummy treats! We all know that Christmas means food! Loads and loads of food that will all inevitably go to your hips and convince you to join a gym for about a week in the month of January (PLEASE don’t be that person!) The treats are totally worth it, especially Divinity. Oh, you don’t  know what Divinity is? I have found that about half of the people I know, know exactly what Divinity is, and half have no clue. The description is in the name. It is a divine candy that tastes kind of like marshmallows, that my grandma made all the time, and my mom, and now me! It is a sweet treat that is super yummy, and is great to take over to your neighbors, because it is just that good! It is so good you will want to share!

The recipe is pretty simple:

2 Cups Sugar

1/2 Cup Karo Syrup

1/2 Cup Water

2 egg whites (or 1/4 cup)

1 tsp. Vanilla

1/2 cup Walnuts (optional)

Boil sugar, syrup, and water until it is crisp when tried in cold water. Gradually pour mixture over stiffly beaten egg whites, beating all the time. Add the vanilla and Walnuts and beat until it is stiff enough to drop by spoon-fulls onto wax paper. Drop onto wax paper, and let them sit until hard, and enjoy! *I like to add food coloring to mine! usually red or green*

The recipe is simple, but making it can be challenging. It took me three tries to get it right. The first time, I under cooked the sugar, water, and syrup. The second time I over cooked it. The third time was the charm! I recommend getting a candy thermometer, and letting the sugar, water, and syrup boil until it is at a soft crack. Happy baking, and Merry Christmas!

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